dvm2 (84)Here at Equine Sound Diagnostics Osteopathic manipulative techniques have been around for a long time. Native Americans used these techniques on themselves and their horses. The techniques treat the whole body not just the symptoms.

Osteopathic manipulative techniques help patients who are stiff due to arthritis and general wear and tear. They also help patients that have problems with lameness, reluctance to jump, elevated head carriage, and back stiffness, along with a lot of other problems. They can also help with temperament and behavior changes.

Osteopathic manipulative techniques include deep tissue massage, stretching, articulating the join, and much more. Traction and stretching are also an important part of our therapy.

Each patient’s therapy is individualized, depending on the specific symptoms and problems. The individualized therapy also depends on how much you are willing to do for your equine pets.

If you have any questions about osteopathic manipulative techniques, feel free to contact us today at (516) 972-1794.